Technico Pharmaceutical Engineering


The Technico Team

The Technico team combines their qualities and experiences in mechanical and electrical engineering to develop machines for the pharmaceutical industry. Since we founded in 1999 the communication between team members and with our customers is effective, which enables us to work quick and efficient in every way.


ing. Nico Dernison, Director


ing. Cas Dernison BSc, Project engineer

Cas has been working at Technico as a mechanic since 2012. After graduating at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in 2018 for the study mechanical engineering, he started working at Technico as a Project Engineer. Cas provides short and effective communication lines between our suppliers, designers and customers.

For direct questions to Cas you can contact him through the email address below:


Puck Dernison

Drs. P. (Puck) Dernison MSc, Qualification documents and administration


Marrie Versteeg, Electrical project manager


Henry van der Spek, Programmer


Stef van Wamel, Electro mechanic


Daan Dernison, Mechanic