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Printer on the fly

This unit prints elongated data on the top of cartons, prints data on 1 or 2 carton side flaps and contains serialization equipment.

The top printer is a "printer on the fly head". It usually prints serialization barcodes or data required for some specified markets, it can be used for any data. The height of the print is max. 12.7 [mm],  the max. lenght of the print is 20 [mm] shorter than the lenght of the carton. The cartons move at a constant speed on your production line. The inkjet head moves across the carton very fast leaving a print directly onto the carton. This principle is PATENTED by Technico.

The double-headed side printer usually prints data matrix (helper) codes, expiry dates, lot numbers etc. on the flap of cartons. The data can be printed on the front side, the backside or on both flaps. The print height is 25,4 [mm/1inch].

The serialization equipment will be integrated in the unit. The cameras and an ejector can be positioned directly behind the unit but they can also be mounted later on in the packaging process.

The unit is often placed between a cartoning machine and a tamper evident or bundle machine. The unit takes over the cartons from the cartoning machine by force, leads them along the side printer and the top printer and hands them over to the next machine. This GMP machine is designed in balcony style, all adjustable components are equipped with digital counters.


The printer prints:

- with HP technology inktjet cardridges. Wolke, InkJet and Domino controllers have been tested
- up to 240 serialized prints per minute
- directly onto the surface of the carton, labels are not required
- print quality grade A/B

Watch the video if you want to see the printer on the fly in motion and operational.

Pictures of the Printer on the fly:

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