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Serialisation: Aggregation units - Machines

The semi-automatic case aggregation system for serialized products automatically folds the
bottom of a shipper case, prints a unique label and applies it on the corner of the shipper case.
The shipper can be loaded manually with loose or bundled cartons.
A high resolution camera reads the serialized code on each carton per layer. (Pack by layer)
Afther the last layer has been confirmed, the shipper will be closed by an integrated tape-sealer.
This GMP-compatible machine has an ergonomic design.

The unit can be:

- used as a manual case packer without aggregation.

- equipped with vision equipment. Systech or Antares equipment is tested.

- ordered without a case bottom folder.

- ordered without a tape-sealer.

- used in- or off-line.

- ordered with electric height adjustment in order to improve ergonomics for operators.

- ordered as a mobile version, which can be used on different production lines.

- ordered with a transit to the left or to the right.

- ordered with a Technico collecting table to ease manual loading of the case

- redesigned to meet your requirements.




Aggregation unit without taper
Docking station with mobile aggregation unit (with Antares vision equipment)
Docking station, height adjustable case folder and taper
Mobile aggregation unit with Systech vision equipment
Docking station with mobile aggregation unit (with Systech vision equipment)
Short mobile aggregation unit. Minimum height 205cm
Short mobile aggregation unit, height adjustable

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