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The drum tipper is used to empty drums with pharmaceutical tablets in a fixed hopper.

The drum tipper lifts the drum, forms a dust-tight seal between the drum and the
equipment, tips the drum and discharges bulk tablets. The standard unit is intented
for dumping pharmaceutical tablets and pallets from drums up to 45 kG but can be
redesigned according to your specifcations.

If the tablets in the hopper are to be kept in a protective atmospheric condition, the hopper needs to be provided with special valves in the lid to fill it. The Drum Tipper will control those valves. A closed hopper with pneumatic valves can also be supplied by Technico Pharma.

The Technico Pharma Drum Tipper can be ordered with one or two tipping units, suitable for different drum  brands like Curtec, Lobo, Remcon.

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Drum tipper / dumper
Drum tipper / dumper

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